Comprehensive Rules

The following is a comprehensive list of rules and regulations relating to the playing of 5-A-Side Football at Sportaholic Football League :

Team Structure

There will be a maximum of 6 players per team on the field at any one time.

  1. Each team may field 5 outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time
  2. Each team can use a maximum of 10 players per game, unless prior consent is given by the referee
  3. Team can be a mixed corporate, no league players allowed. If a league player is found team would be disqualified immediately.

Substitutions are unlimited during the game, can only be made with the referees consent

  1. Outgoing substitutes must leave the field of play before the replacement enters the playing area
  2. The oncoming players are active immediately and can receive the ball
  3. Substitutes must stand outside the pitch perimeter and spectators must not enter the field of play under any circumstances
  4. Teams may not change their goalkeeper more than once during the course of the game
    • Unless prior consent is given by the referee and opposition
    • A change of goalkeeper must be authorized by the referee
Game Structure

The match will consist of two equal halves

  1. The length of each half will be 12 minutes
  2. The first half will begin with one team taking a centre; the second half will begin with the other team taking a centre
  3. After a goal has been scored the game will be re-started by the team who conceded the goal taking a centre
  4. Half-Time will be a straight change around with a two minute break
Field Restrictions

There are two marked goal/penalty areas on the pitch

  1. Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball inside the goal area and only he may handle the ball in this area
  2. An outfield player gaining or seeking to gain an advantage by entering his own goal area will have a penalty kick awarded against his team
  3. An outfield player entering his opponent’s penalty area will be penalized. The game will be re-started from the goalkeeper
  4. A goalkeeper gaining or seeking to gain an advantage by leaving his area or by playing the ball when it is outside the area will have a penalty awarded against his team
General Play
  1. There are no off-sides
  2. A goal may be scored from any point within the field of play
    • Exceptions are that goalkeepers may not score against their opponents (except in penalty shoot-outs)
    • Goalkeepers are not permitted to take penalties (except in penalty shoot-outs)
Re-Starting the game
  1. The goalkeeper must return the ball into play by throwing it out of his area
    • If the ball is returned any other way a free-kick will be given to the opposition two meters outside the area
    • The goalkeeper has a maximum of 5 seconds to return the ball into play
    • A teammate receiving the ball from the goalkeeper may not return the ball directly to him – the ball must first be touched by another teammate or an opponent
    • A free kick will be awarded against the offending team from the place where the defending player returned the ball unless it is deemed by the referee that a player returning the ball to the Goal-Keeper is gaining an advantage then a penalty will be awarded
  2. If the ball goes out of play behind the end line, a corner kick or a goal kick will be awarded depending on which team had the final touch
  3. If the ball goes out of play over the side-line a kick in will be awarded depending on which team had the final touch
Yellow Card & Red Card
  1. A player who receives a yellow card will be given warning.
  2. A player who receives two yellow cards in one game must leave the field of play for the entire game
  3. A player who receives a straight red card must leave the field of play immediately and for the entire game
  4. A player who is either sin binned or sent off cannot be replaced by another player
  5. If a player is given a red card whilst off the field of play (for unacceptable conduct on the side-line), the team must correspondingly reduce the number of players on the field
  1. A player who is sent off may receive a suspension from the present game
  2. Serious foul play or foul/abusive is not at all tolerable and strict action will be taken
  3. Teams that continue to have poor player discipline may be removed from the competition
Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks
  1. All free kicks will be direct with the exception of over head height which is deemed in-direct
  2. Opposition players must be at least two meters from where any free-kick is taken.
    • If opposing players do not retreat the required two meters the kick may be moved forward one meter
    • If a free kick is awarded on or near the goal area it can be moved up to two meters backwards to allow defenders to be two meters from the ball
  3. A penalty kick will be placed on the top of the goal area directly in the center of the goal.
  1. The Referees decision on all on-field matters is final and no discussions will be entered into either on or off the field with him about any decision
    • The Referees jurisdiction on disciplinary matters will apply until players have entered the changing rooms
    • Players repeatedly disputing decisions may have further disciplinary action taken against them
  2. Teams with a valid complaint against a match official must be put in writing within 48 hours of the match taking place.
  3. The complaint should be addressed to our general manager at Sportaholic and emailed to [email protected]
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